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104. Wedding invitation from Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bierman Sr. (photocopy).
106. Handwritten list of the names and birth dates of the children of David Winton and Catherine Johnson Winton, in David’s handwriting. The date for Harry’s birth appears to have originally been mistakenly written as August 2, 1886, which is actually David Jr.’s birth date. The year was corrected to 1884 and August is crossed out, leaving the complete date in question. A notation “James” appears near “D. Herman” but does not match David’s handwriting.
File: S0106
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Roy Frank Hull died Nov. 23 at Memorial Hospital. Survived by wife Laura H. and sister Ruth L. Riordan, Kansas City, MO.
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Gives Laura’s age as 93, date of death as 12-July (1984 implied).
Survived by sister-in-law, Nellie Smith and 2 nieces and 2 nephews.
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Letter sent to Bruce W. CHRISTOPHER.
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119. Hand-drawn chart of Chown and Johnson family trees. Date unknown. Believed to be the item mentioned in Source[0890], in which case this was drawn by Roland Stanley Shakeshaft on dictation from Annie Chown Johnson and therefore probably created before 1941.
File: S0119
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England, Northampton
July 1984 edition.
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169. Olson & Hanson & Allen families diagramed by hand. Most of the writing is by Robert Allen Christopher. His source for the information is believed to be Grace Hull McKinney and possibly his mother, Orline. Date of creation unknown but probably before 1969 (and before 1964 if his mother was involved). More recent notations were made by Bruce Christopher. This was the first source encountered that gave TAYLOR as the name of Thomas Allen’s wife.
File: S0169
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